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If anyone has some good woodworking tips, please share them with us.

This is just a simple trick. When you want to cut close to a perpendicular surface with a sawzall just turn the blade around. The longer the blade you use the flatter the cut and the easier it is to cut without going through the perpendicular surface. I am always amazed when I see experience carpenters making these cuts with the blade the right way around....you can get into almost zero clearance by just turning the blade around.
This sent in by Khrys M. Timmerman 5-24-2005

Information about Joinery

Information about Nails

Information about Screw and Screwdrivers

Cutting Inside Corners

Drawing a Large Curve

Information about Electric Motors

Information about Finishes

Glossary of Wood Terms

Laying Out an Elipse

Lumber Dimension and Terminology

Types of Wood

How to Keep It Square

Making and Mounting Shelves

The Above Information comes from a site called Sawdust Making 101.
For an extended version of the information above, click on Sawdust Making 101 How To & Info.

Drill Bit Chart

This site is just what it says it is.

Tap Drill Bit Chart for Standard Threads

This site is just what it says it is.

Abrasives 101 Handout

This site is just what it says it is.

Instructions for Beginning Wood Turners

This site is a must see for any beginning wood turners. Learn the lingo and the basics here!

Toxic Woods Chart

This site is just what it says it is.

The Woodturner's Workshop

This site is a wonderful site for all levels of wood turners. It has a great many project plans with instruction. Also, there are many instructions for building jigs useful to woodturning along with information on different types of wood. Last but not least; there is an e-book for beginners.

Turned Treasures Woodturning Tutorials and Galleries

This site is a great site to see work done along with project tutorials and many good hints and tips. Step by step instructions with photos.

Amish Furniture Factory Instructions on the Use of Lathes

This site has many good links to woodworking information and links to other organizations.

History of the Lathe from Ancient Times till Now

This site has the history of the lathe with many good illustrations. Also,there are many links to illustrations of old woodworking and lathe tools. A special note: Look at the link for the Barnes Foot Powered Machinery.

Photos and Instruction Sheets for all Lathes

This site is out of England and it lists many many lathe manufacturers. There are photos and instructional sheets on just about any lathe made.

PBS Woodwright's Shop -- Roy Underhill

The Woodwright's Shop, where the lathe is humming, the living is easier, and the spirit of the traditional woodworker thrives. When it comes to carving your niche in the new millennium, come to the man who knows what it takes to survive -- Roy Underhill. Necessity, ingenuity, creativity, a good eye (maybe better aim) and humor -- these are the essential tools you need to get by.

PBS The American Woodshop -- Scott Phillips

In the twelfth season of The American Woodshop, host Scott Phillips criss-crosses the states to showcase the finest examples of woodworking in the country. Every "Road Trip" journeys to the workshop/studio of an American woodworking master, who shares time-honored tips and techniques. Season twelve adds a new dimension to each show by also exploring the home community of each master craftsman.

Wood Central

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